Thursday, April 4, 2013

This and that

The heat has been teasing us. We'll get hot for a couple of days, and we think here it is. Then we'll cool back down for a couple of days. No 100 degree days yet, so at least we get to ease into it this year.

The funky weather tends to catch the alpacas off guard every year, and every year we have one or two that don't stay hydrated enough and get impacted. This year it was Cartigan. I use a product called Magnalax, it is a laxative with a mild antacid, with a nice minty flavor. I know for a fact it has a minty flavor, I also know that alpacas don't particularly care for mint flavoring. Anyway, two  or three doses and it usually gets everything back in order. Cartigan was no exception.

We took Jack off medication again. So far it's been five weeks and we're keeping our fingers crossed. This is the longest he's been of meds in the last two years.

I've had a little free time recently so I've been working on the web store. People have been asking me for years if our yarns and such are on line. I finally figured out how to do it. I should be able to add some more of our one of a kind finished products as well, so check it out. Just remember it is still a work in progress, so if  it looks kind of unfinished, well, it is.

The big activity for this week is shearing this weekend. I'm hopeful that we can get everybody done, but if there are a few left by Sunday evening, I'll just get them finished up over the next couple of weeks in the chute.  Then it is back to the old routine of skirting, and tumbling and washing and....  you know how it goes.

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