Friday, November 23, 2012

some shows are more exciting than others...

Happy Black Friday. For me this is a day to do anything but shop. But I’m funny that way.
We’re half way through our eight week marathon of shows and open houses. So far everything is going well… mostly.
Last weekend was a little rough. It started out well enough. I set up for Diane's open house Saturday. The day was quite, but the weather was nice and the company good, so no complaints.
Saturday night I started feeling ill. End up with food poisoning and was up all night wishing for the end to come and take me. Brian got me some anti-nausea stuff in the morning, so I was feeling good enough to go back to Diane's Sunday, late morning.
A guy that lives down the road from Diane raises exotic birds. Lloyd (Diane’s husband) brought a cockatoo over because he was trying to get Diane to let him buy it and he wanted Diane to see how friendly it was. I went in to meet the bird and after a few minutes turned to go back outside. The crazy bird (feathered demon) flew off Lloyd’s arm, landed on my head and bit a hole through my ear. And not in a location where I can just stick a stud through it and call it good. Stupid bird (winged hell-spawn) has no fashion sense.
Then while I'm sitting outside with a towel and some ice on my ear, just to add insult to injury, an alpaca walked up and bit my boob.
Oddly enough, I didn't notice my stomach bothering me much after all of that!
So net result; my ear hurts and Lloyd's not getting his bird. (flying minion of death)
This weekend I’ll be at Singletree Farm in Chino Valley. I’m hoping for an infinitely less exciting time.