Monday, March 18, 2013

Did you miss me?

Alas, poor blog, I have neglected you so.

I'm going to claim it's because I've been crazy busy, but there is a little bit of laziness involved as well.

We're gearing up for summer. The fans have been cleaned and oiled, we're doing some modifications to the coolers, and we have a couple of new great big water tanks for plenty of cool drinking water. (or a dip in the afternoon, whatever floats everyone's boat)

I have been busy at the loom doing some special order scarves. I finally finished them up yesterday so it's on to other things. The spinning wheel has dust on it, it has been so long since we visited, so that's on the to-do list. I won't even mention the state of the shop and the carder.

On the plus side, we did get over 300 pounds of fleece boxed up and sent off to a couple of mills for processing. Just in time for the next clip to start coming in. We're scheduled for the weekend of April 6 & 7 to get the bulk of our shearing done. Then it will be pretty much every weekend after that until all the farms are done in this area.

April 27 and 28, we'll be helping Pat and George with their Wool Festival. It may be at the Pinal County Fairgrounds, or it may be at their new home, I'm not entirely sure yet.  I plan to have fun where ever we end up.

The broccoli crop is in and I have a freezer full! The rest of the plants we're letting bolt so we have seed for next year. It looks like I'll be passing out seed to everyone I know again. It's amazing how many seeds you get of each plant. The snow peas are kicking into high gear right now, and we dug out first potatoes (and ate them already). I've got peppers and tomatoes in for the summer. I'll try squash again, even though I have failed spectacularly every year with it. I guess I'm just an optimist.

The alpacas love when we switch over to new veggie beds because they get to snack on all the old plants. So everybody is happy!