Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, we can check one thing off the to-do list. Godiva had her cria yesterday, a boy, medium brownish, not as red as her. We weren’t planning on him arriving so soon, and as part of our open house next month, we’re having a “name the cria” contest. Sooooo, for the next four weeks we get to call him Little Whats-his-name. How undignified.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy late birthday Jacko!

Halloween was Jacks 1st birthday. Boy has he come a long way. Hard to believe that this feisty little boy was so frail and sick when he was born. He’s still small for his age, something that is doubly noticeable because Sunny is so big for his. Both boys are doing great.

Legend came home this weekend. We have a smaller pen set up for him with beefier fencing than the rest of the alpacas get, since he doesn’t play well with others. No matter where the other alpacas are, he can always see at least some of them. So far he seems quite content with arrangement since he doesn’t have to share his food bowl with anyone else. This works out well for me too, since he has become quite a porker, and I can keep very close tabs on the amount of food he is getting. He doesn’t know it, but he just went on a diet.

As for happenings this month, this weekend is the open house at JMS Alpaca Farm in Casa Grande. We’ll be over there with our products. Thanksgiving weekend we’ll be up in Chino Valley for Singletree Alpaca’s holiday boutique.

And last but not least, Godiva is due this month. Sometime around mid November, so I figure only another 2 weeks or so. Think pink! We’re due for a girl!