Friday, April 12, 2013

Shearing 2013 -- DONE!

Shearing is once again behind us! This year, with a little help from our friends, (okay, a LOT of help from our friends. Thanks Pat, George and Chris!) we got everybody done in one weekend. There were a few minor injuries, mostly to the people, that I'm happy to say everyone is recovering from.

We sheared just in the nick of time. The day after we finished, we had a major wind storm. The gust where so strong that it actually blew a couple of bales of hay off the stack. I can just imagine the nightmare shearing would have been in that kind of weather. We would have been chasing fiber all the way to Casa Grande!

I meant to get some before and after pictures of the alpacas, but I set my camera down and forgot all about it until we were cleaning up on Sunday. So all you get is an after shot.


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