Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Tucson Shearing Festival

The Spring Tucson Shearing Festival was a success! We’re starting to recognizing faces from past events so it’s like a happy family reunion now. And of course I always like meeting new people, like Sara of “Woolies” ( and “Buster and Boo (, who has been helping me work though some of the kinks in my Etsy store. I feel very fortunate to have met someone patient enough to walk me through the technical part of on line selling, especially with my unique inability to grasp anything computerish.
I was pleasantly surprised when Kathy, the hostess of the shearing festival, asked me if I would consider teaching a class on making coil baskets. It’s something totally out of my comfort zone, but I think I might take a stab at it. What’s the worst that can happen? The people taking the class tell me I suck and demand their money back? Ok, well that would be bad, but I would live through it. I think.
After the festival, I ran down to Maynard’s Market to drop off more yarn and socks and found out I should have brought more felted soaps. There was only one left! Guess I’ll have to get busy making some more.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Never a dull moment!

March will go down as an eventful month here at the farm. Things got rolling with the arrival of a female from CA, here for breeding. Then it was off to the SWRAS. I love getting to catch up with old friends and meet new people, who will become old friends.

One day to recover, then it’s off to Tucson, where Mom and I set up our vendor space at Maynard’s Market.
No matter how much you set up mock displays, you always end up changing it once you get in to your space. I’ll be heading back down there Saturday with more stuff and to rearrange what I felt didn’t quite work for me.

During this the folks got packed up and headed back home (by way of Vegas, of course). The day they left we had some strange men snooping around the house, up to no good. I called the sheriff’s office just in case other people had similar things happen, just so there would be a record for the police to keep an eye out. Brian added a “No Trespassing” sign to the gate. I hate to make people feel unwelcome, but we’ve been robbed once, I don’t plan to go through that a second time. Fortunately for us, Dot was keeping an eye on the house and she scared the men off by wandering over to see what they where up to. She said what made her suspicious, is that the guys never asked to look at the alpacas. Even the sheriff wanted to go see the alpacas!

That same day I made my report, I had to be home early from work because one of our boys in quarantine from the show (Jack) spiked a 106.5 temperature. Dot and I got him cooled down and I ran up to the vets to get antibiotics for him. By the next morning the fever had gone and he was back to his old happy self. Not that he’s enjoying the week long series of shots.

We also had another female arrive for breeding, which has been, um, challenging. She may have a retained CL, though she isn’t responding overly much to Estrumate. There’s also a possibility of a cyst. Or maybe she just hates boys, who knows. When I have Linda come out to do ultrasounds, I’ll get her done as well and see if there is anything to be gleaned.

Meanwhile, we’ve concluded that Kenisis is not pregnant after all, and have started breeding her. And Tyche is going for a new record on her gestation (353 days today with no sign of even thinking of giving birth!) Though we were hoping the hot air balloon they inflated behind the house would scare the cria out of her. But they must have just been training since both Saturday and Sunday, they came out, inflated the balloon, hung out for a while, then deflated it and packed it all up again without actually going anywhere

Now I need to get packed for the Spring Shearing Festival down at Kathy Wither’s farm in Tucson this Saturday.

I think I’m going to sleep in on Sunday.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

when your mind starts to wander...

So, we’ve been waiting for one of our alpacas to give birth. And waiting…. and waiting. I go back and forth between, she is still pregnant and she’s never been pregnant. Some alpacas just keep you guessing. (think young athletic females with incredible muscle tone that just tuck those babies right up tight)
Yesterday I happen to be at the dentist, suffering all kinds of inhumane treatment when a horrible thought occurred to me; we have another female due in about two weeks. I had to delay her breeding because the boys got a gate open and had a party with the girls. Was Kenesis here at that time, or was she still up north for breeding? Is she pregnant, but due much later than I thought because one of my knuckle heads is the father!!!!! Ugh! The harder I tried to remember where Kenesis was at the time, the more elusive the memory became.
When I got home I check my notes. I had written down when the boys got out, but not when Kenesis came home. Dang it. So since she is black, and she’s breed to a black, if I get a white cria, I’m going to be very suspicious….

Monday, March 1, 2010

Instructions for whimsy basket

Well, here is the first attemp to post the instructions for the whimsy basket. Not sure if you can read it or not...