Tuesday, November 30, 2010

off and running

Three events down two too go. We’re in the home stretch! Sort of.
We spent an afternoon at a local school with a couple of the boys. That was quite pleasant. Then there was Pat’s open house at JMS Alpacas. This past weekend was the annual Christmas boutique at Kathleen’s
The Boutique at Singletree Farm in Chino Valley was a big success. It was great to see familiar faces coming back to visit with the alpacas. Some of the visitors where having a brag session, telling each other how many years in row they had been coming out. Saturday the weather was perfect, Sunday I woke up to see snow falling. It was quite pretty, I haven’t seen snow in quite a while, but after a couple of hours in the blowing wind, the novelty had worn off and I camped out in front of the heater. Not that I’m a wimp or anything.
This weekend is the open house at our place, looks like we’ll be in the low 70’s. I can live with that.
We’ll finish off next weekend at the Mesa Art Show. After that I’ll have to get my butt in gear and do some Christmas shopping. It’s more exciting when you leave to the last minute. Really.
As for the critters, Molly is still holding out on giving birth. Her due date is actually this weekend (which would make for an interesting show at the open house) but her previous own told us she tends to drop her crias early so we’re keeping an eye on her.
We got the results back for the blood panel we did on Jack. He has a staph infection. Staphylococcus xylosus, to be specific. Good news is it is easily treatable with a verity of medications, so we just need to decide on what would be most efficient (the Naxel we had him on is actually not on the list of treatments for this form of staph, which may be why it keeps coming back) and hopefully take care of this thing once and for all! As of this morning he was feeling quite good. In fact he was being a pain in the a**. He was jumping and playing with everyone, they were trying to avoid him and eat their breakfast. I expect when I get home he’ll have a new coating of green slime all over him. But it is nice to see him feeling good for now.
Ok, that’s it for now, I’m off to felt more soaps. Ta!

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