Friday, November 12, 2010

Just catching up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us and we’re just getting started. The Southwest Fiber Festival and the Tucson Wool Festival are behind us. We’ve a fairly quite weekend this weekend with just a field trip for Jack and Cartigan to a local schools open house. The next four weekends are back to back events. It starts with an open house at JMS Alpacas another local breeder, then I’m heading up to Chino Valley for the annual Christmas Boutique at Singletree Farm. The following weekend is our open house, and we finish off with the Mesa Art Festival.
The weekend after that I plan to be recovering from exhaustion!
We rearranged the boys about a week ago. Cartigan was long overdue for weaning so he had to move. I took the opportunity to mix all the boys up. Luarel’s two (boarders) and Hielo and Adama moved in with the big boys. Mickey and Niska, even though they are older moved in with the little boys and Cartigan. Instead of having males separated by age, we have them more or less separated by size. It went with far less fireworks than I had anticipated.
In fact I was bragging to a friend about how smoothly it had all been and, of course, karma was listening. I heard a commotion in the middle of the night and headed out to find Niska squashing poor Cartigan. I pulled him off, but he was in rare form and wouldn’t back off. I finally ended up chasing him through a gate and closing it behind him. I ended up with Niska, Sunny and Spats on one side and Cartigan, Jack and Mickey on the other. Then I went back to bed.
That lasted for a couple of hours, when Niska decided Spats would be fun to jump on. Problem is Spats is a screamer and our bedroom window is thirty feet away from where they were. I spent some time out in the 30 odd degree night dressed in a tee shirt and paddock boots fruitlessly trying to get Niska to calm down. I finally just said have at it and closed the bedroom window. They appear to have worked out their differences for now. I’m kind of tired.
We also had a bit of an adventure with the dogs. Somebody knocked over the can of dog food (Dot had just added a 20 pound bag of food), and the pups had an early thanksgiving. Big Daisy and Molly ate their fill and left, but JJ and Little Daisy ate until they could hold no more. Little Daisy literally waddled when she walked, her distended belly practically hitting the ground. JJ was even worse off. Poor guy just sprawled on the floor looking completely miserable. You could practically feel kibbles pushing through his skin. We probably won’t have to feed him for the rest of the month!
Other than that things have been going well. I’ve been busy making felted soaps, just can’t keep up with demand! I’ve done a little work with the spinning wheel, but not much lately and I won’t see my loom again until after Christmas. Ah well, it’s a good thing to be busy!

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