Thursday, August 16, 2012

this and that

The cat trapping went well. We caught four males and two females and had a seventh give herself up. Apparently she decided that the easy life of the orphans (food and water 24/7, ac and a soft bed) was much better than the precarious life of a feral cat. Looks like I'll be bringing her in for spaying next month with the other three kittens.
The six that we caught have all gotten over their surgeries and are back to doing whatever it is feral cats do. Now I keep seeing the few that we didn't catch. They are mocking me, I'm sure of it.
We had to break the Paca-spa out earlier this week. Another breeder south of us called to say she had a girl down with a high fever. Heat stress is an ever present fear for those of us that have to endure months of extreme temperatures. Brian was a really good sport about dropping everything and hauling the tub to the other farm. It made for a late night for us, but our friends girl is doing well and we're hopeful for a full recovery.
I've been busy with my spinning wheel (of course!). The drive band on my electric wheel is made of some type of poly. For months I've been having trouble with keeping it together. The join is a weak spot and under the pressure and speed of the motor, it tends to snap and go flying across the room. You're supposed to be able to just melt it back together, but I've never had much luck with this and have it hold for very long. I finally just got annoyed and broke out some string that Brian had. I wove one end of the string into the other making a loop and now I use that. It's ugly, but functional and I'm pretty sure it's going to hold up to the abuse I give it.
The boys have finished trimming the front yard for me. I've got them busy with the back yard now.

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