Thursday, July 26, 2012

So it turns out, when you have a blog, if you don't update it periodically, all your friends gang up on you. Maybe, sometimes, there just isn't a whole lot to say. Damit.
Anyway, a few of us got together last weekend and played around with some of our fiber. I made a couple of new nuno scarves. I wanted to get some practice as I will be teaching a class on the topic Aug 25th at In A Pear Tree in Casa Grande. This time I used some silk gauze. For the class we'll be using silk scarves.
We've had a bit of rain so far this monsoon. The grass was getting pretty tall and I'm not feeling inclined to drag to mower out, so I let the boys lose. All the boys, big and small. There were a few minor scuffles but for the most part everybody was more focused on eating than posturing. They managed to clean out the corn patch pretty quickly. I'll probably hae to let the out a few more time to see any improvement to the lawn.

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