Thursday, March 4, 2010

when your mind starts to wander...

So, we’ve been waiting for one of our alpacas to give birth. And waiting…. and waiting. I go back and forth between, she is still pregnant and she’s never been pregnant. Some alpacas just keep you guessing. (think young athletic females with incredible muscle tone that just tuck those babies right up tight)
Yesterday I happen to be at the dentist, suffering all kinds of inhumane treatment when a horrible thought occurred to me; we have another female due in about two weeks. I had to delay her breeding because the boys got a gate open and had a party with the girls. Was Kenesis here at that time, or was she still up north for breeding? Is she pregnant, but due much later than I thought because one of my knuckle heads is the father!!!!! Ugh! The harder I tried to remember where Kenesis was at the time, the more elusive the memory became.
When I got home I check my notes. I had written down when the boys got out, but not when Kenesis came home. Dang it. So since she is black, and she’s breed to a black, if I get a white cria, I’m going to be very suspicious….

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