Monday, February 9, 2009

Occasionally, I’m reminded that this really is a small world. Last year, while out doing chores, a car pulled up and the driver asked if he could take some pictures of the alpacas. I saw his small daughter was sitting in the car so asked if she would like to come in and visit with the animals. She spent some time feeding the alpacas while her father snapped pictures.
Fast forward; we pick up a job for a client out near our property. Our client, Mo Sheldon, is in and out of the office. On one particular day, I’m talking to him and all of a sudden, something trips my memory. Mo is the guy who was out with his daughter and son (Benjamin, who I assume was sleeping in the car) visiting all that time ago.
Mo graciously forwarded some of the photos to me and I’m posting my favorite of his daughter, Sarah scooping grain, while the alpacas wait patiently in the background. Or maybe they’re actually keeping an eye on her making sure she doesn’t steal all the pellets. They’re greedy that way.