Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Mexico State Fair

Ok, just a brief pause to come up for air, things are, ah, crazy right now.

We almost didn't make it to New Mexico. Our Ram decided to die the night before we left (bad fuel pump!) and the Dakota is running on slicks these days, so for safty sake, it wasn't an option. We ended up borrowing a truck and a trailer and off we went.
The show was fabulous. Even Brian had a good time. Heilo brought home a pretty green ribbon, which we where thrilled with. Even at the small shows, white/light is an amazingly competative class, so any ribbon is a possative statement on your breeding program. Unfortunatley, every single picture I took was totally blury. hmmm, can't be the operator, must be the camera...

I'll have another opertunity for photos in November when Heilo, Aries and O. go to Alpacafest West in L.A. Rather I'd BETTER get some photos, or Heilo's new half owner (my mom) will have my hide.
A.F.W. is also having a People's Choice Fiber Arts Contest which should be fun. I just have to decide what to pull from my stash of finished projects to enter.

Before all that though will be the Pinetop-Lakeside Artisian Festival this weekend. So I'll be rushing home after work (don't even get me started on what a rotten work week this has been! suffise to say that I won the showdown between me and my computer, but not by much)load up the truck and be ready to hit the road a 3 a.m.

whooo, I'm going to have to schedule a vacation to recover from all this action!

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